Our Coals

The variety of mining operations allows Birchfield Coal to produce any number of blends that are suitable for a wide range of uses within the domestic industrial energy market.

By choosing Birchfield Coal as your preferred energy supplier, you can deal direct with the mine operators who have direct control over environmental standards, mining operations and quality control measures.

Giles Creek
The Giles Creek coal is a typical West Coast sub-bituminous coal with low ash, low sulphur and clean burning qualities. There are estimated reserves of 16 million tonnes of recoverable coal in the current permitted area. The extensive coal seams offer a security of supply through an established resource base with a proven, locally owned and operated company. This scope of reserves and expertise in mineral extraction ensures a security of coal supply for those customers investing in energy units which accommodate sub-bituminous coals.

The Strongman Coal Mining Licence covers approximately 885 hectares of the Greymouth coal field. The coal is a high-quality thermal coal, not of sufficient rank to be a true hard coking coal but a valued blending coal to improve lower ranking thermal coal for the South Island industrial market.

This coal is valued by customers and suppliers alike, with BCML supplying a number of third-party coal suppliers in the South Island, as well as other mining companies to blend with their coal.

This coal is low in Sulphur and is used by BCML to blend to customer requirements.

Island Block
This currently in care and maintenance. The coal is a bituminous high volatile B rank, with low ash and low sulphur. Specialist coal is available from this mine with less than 1% ash and sulphur.

Mt Davy / Liverpool
The Mount Davy / Liverpool Mining Permit contains high quality coking coal and would be sourced for export into international markets for steel and cement production.

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